Do you feel our RefreshBag is Expensive? So here is all you need to know about it..

Why do you feel it a bit expensive...??
So here is the reason for it...

Custom made RefreshBag:
1. Refreshbag has a unique thread count and threading pattern which is optimal for maintaining the required humidity and keeping the vegetables fresh. This includes multiple processes. So there is additional work to be done to get the fabric right.

Let us end plastic and other artificial fibers:

2. We do not use artificial fabrics like polyester which are cheap in cost and which in turn spoils your health. So we use 100% natural cotton fabric which is durable and lasts for many years. Most importantly good for you and our Environment.

Stitched by Best in class:

3. It is professionally stitched by skilled and experienced people in order to avoid defects. So the labor turns out to be a bit high.

Economical & Easy Maintenance:

4. As it can be washed and reused for many years, it turns out to be cheap when compared to normal plastic bags in the long run as it is a one-time investment.


5. With the cost of just 1 burger, you can purchase our Refreshbag and keep the vegetables fresh.

   As an old proverb says " Nothing is expensive than your health", don't go for cheap chemical products and spoil your health. Instead, buy the products which keep you healthy.

So, we proudly say that we are not only helping in keeping the vegetables healthy but also caring about your health and environment.

Social Enterprise:
We are striving to give good opportunities for an Economically weaker section of people who are talented, we also encourage people who are interested and train them to help their livelihood.
We are happy to provide them opportunities and one of our main mottoes is to drive them to a better living. Your contribution to their better living is not far with us.