Set of 3 - Eco Friendly Reusable Multi Pouch Grocery Bag

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Product Description:

Bag Length:7 Inch

Bag Height:15 inch

Bag Width:16 Inch

Capacity:Up to 15 Kg

Material: High Quality Cotton Fabric

Washable: Yes



Food serves as the main source for maintaining good health. Generally, we buy fresh vegetables and groceries from the market and carry them in plastic bags. Basically, plastic is made out of chemicals that will harm the person's health. When food is stored in plastic bags these chemicals can leach into the food and then be ingested. There are also chances of getting affected by cancer due to those toxins. So using plastic bags for shopping is not suggestible. You might be thinking what is the alternative way. Here is the alternative for plastic bags. It is Eco-Friendly Multi Pouch Grocery Bag. 

Refresh Bag has introduced this grocery bag with multiple pouches to help you in bringing groceries from the market. These bags are made of High-Quality Cotton Fabric. The fabric can be washed and reused like any other cloth you maintain. No special knowledge is required to maintain them. They can be used for many years. Each bag has 6 small pouches and 1 big pouch where you can keep assorted groceries. Each small pouch can accommodate 1kg of carrot and the big pouch can accommodate nearly 10 kgs of Raw rice. The whole bag is capable of carrying upto 15 kgs of grocery. The bag is provided with two handles in order to carry the grocery easily.

Customer Reviews

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Good but heavy

Its a good concept and the bag in itself is very sturdy but can be carried by someone who can carry that much weight once the bag is full. Ladies might find it burden to carry.

Extremely useful

Strong and sturdy


Very useful and happy with the purchase

Excellent quality

Product quality is very good and its very useful. Good job team


Its good recycled bag