Set of 8 - Eco Friendly Reusable Vegetable Storage Fridge Bag

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This combo contains 8 Refresh Bags.

RefreshBag Dimensions:

Height  35 Cm ( 13.8 inch)
Width 28 Cm ( 11 inch)

The bags are sufficiently spacious to hold upto 1.5 to 3 kgs of vegetables depending on the type of
vegetable you are keeping. It can be easily foldable to the smallest possible size and can be carried
anywhere. It occupies the space that is enough for a kerchief by folding.

Our bags keep the produce farm fresh. Hydrates and rejuvenates the striving vegetables as well. We
have researched many fabrics for over many years. Experimented on fabric knitting methodologies to
arrive at this product. Then we at: at a thought for a healthy living. Our bags are scientifically designed
to provide optimal humidity for veggies. Vegetables need certain humidity to stay fresh. The thread
count and thread pattern used for knitting our bags provide aeration to the vegetables and hence keep
them fresh. We have taken care of everything it takes to keep vegetables happy.

It is Environmentally friendly and Perfect Vegetable storage bag. It 100% Eco-Friendly Reusable Fridge
Bag made of pure cotton exclusively for vegetables. Perfectly designed fridge bags for a healthy living.
Made exclusively for you. You can reuse these for many years. It is good for you and good for the
environment which avoids plastic usage significantly.

The bags are made of pure cotton and can be easily washed. It is the most Hygienic products to store
your fresh food. We do not use artificial fabrics like polyester and artificial colors in manufacturing the
bags. The bags are manufactured using 100% pure cotton which is non-toxic. No special knowledge is
required to maintain them.

How to use?

step - 1: Wet and wring the bag gently. Make sure the bag retains some amount of water in it.
step - 2: Wash the hard vegetables before keeping inside the bags. This will avoid fungal growth caused
by the antigens deposited on the vegetables before keeping inside the bag. Do not wash leafy
step - 3: Remove damaged parts of the vegetables before keeping in RefreshBag.
step - 4: Do not keep rotten/spoiled vegetables in the bag.
step - 5: Add vegetables to the bag.
step - 6: Store the bag in the refrigerator.
step - 7: Maintain the wetness of the RefreshBag once in 3 to 4 days.

Customer Reviews

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Deepa Khade (Mumbai, IN)
Nice bag

This bags keeps the vegetables fresh for long time. Liked them

Venkatesan Pillay (Mumbai, IN)
Excellent Vegetable Storage for Refrigerator

Excellent Bags for Vegetable Storage in Refrigerator. Food remains fresh for a long time.
Good buy.

Natasha (Hyderabad, IN)
Eco friendly refrigerator bags

Was looking for an eco friendly way of storing my veggies in the fridge, came across these which our neighbour was using instantly liked them and decided to buy.

Moni Priya (Hyderabad, IN)

Bags quality is good and vegetables are fresh for a long time...

Venkata Rama Rao Philkhana
Store fresh veg

Very good.If possible and good colours will give attraction.