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Eco Friendly Reusable Multi Pouch Grocery Bag
Kasthuri (Chennai, IN)

Eco Friendly Reusable Multi Pouch Grocery Bag

Nice bag

This bags keeps the vegetables fresh for long time. Liked them

Good quality

I've ordered them again. Very durable

Good eco-friendly bag

An eco-friendly multi-purpose bag that holds quite a few things. The side pouches are quite small, can be made slightly more bigger.

Perfect title

Really keeps vegetables fresh.
I am happy to have them.

Excellent Vegetable Storage for Refrigerator

Excellent Bags for Vegetable Storage in Refrigerator. Food remains fresh for a long time.
Good buy.


Easy to carry in a purse - eco friendly - organic - stressing on our responsibility for a sustainable environment .

Set of 3 - Eco Friendly Foldable Compact Shopping Bag

War against single use plastics

Very nice concept for eco-freindly multi-pouch grocery/vegetablebag. Would go a long way in reducing rampant use of polythene bags. Woul appreciate if the company promotes franchises for production and distribution in and around state capitals and other major cities, and wide publicity. As member of NGO (Campaign against plastic Pollution- CAPP) Would love to contribute in this endeavour of Refreshbag.

Eco friendly refrigerator bags

Was looking for an eco friendly way of storing my veggies in the fridge, came across these which our neighbour was using instantly liked them and decided to buy.

Bags quality is good and vegetables are fresh for a long time...

Store fresh veg

Very good.If possible and good colours will give attraction.

Worthy product

Very useful and an amazing product

Good product works as per advertisements but shd follow instructiond

Repeat customer

Very happy and hence have done repeat purchases and gifted

Good Fridge bags

Very useful to keep the veggies fresh

Very useful

It is very useful, Fruits and vegetables are remain fresh for a long time

Shopping bag

Excellent product.easy to fold,unfold.

Set of 16 - Eco Friendly Reusable Vegetable Storage Fridge Bag



My third set

I love these bags. I have been using them for years and have gifted a set to my mum and aunts. Keeps my veggies so fresh.

They are of good size

Set of 8 - Eco Friendly Reusable Vegetable Storage Fridge Bag

Reusable Resultant Refreshbags

The 'Refreshbag' is refreshingly effective true to its name!